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I love to create and decorate. We now have a store front that exhibits paintings, assemblages, photography, jewelry, pottery and other unique gift items. I'm a mural artist which also extends to painting on anything else. And the tile idea, I have to give credit to my friend Emelio, who I have painted many tiles for.... I also teach art to kids. Kids are good for your art. They free you up!

Friday, August 05, 2016

Children at Play

This is the first year I haven't worked at the Recreation Camp.  I worked there for 30 years. I saw so many changes and now the big change was having a small art camp at the gallery.  It's been challenging as to how to set up the room, but with 7 kids in the front, it worked fine. The best  part is watching them create.. That's always the best part.
I love sharing the creative experience.
I love creating alone, but when it's a shared experience, so much more comes into play.  Kids are so creative and so much looser than adults. They play more than we do and that is the key. I learn from them. They inspire me. So many times I have spoken, "I would have never thought of that!"
Two weeks of camp left. So far, it's been a wonderful experience and have been quite impressed with the results of their art.
Garden Theme: Steampunk birds, Garden rocks, either a flower pot or birdhouse.. and who knows what altered version of these will happen.  Monday Aug. 8, 9, and 11th from 1-3pm  $100
Life is Sweet: Sculpey clay for small sweet things, painting of cupcake or ice cream cone, and crazy plaster cupcake... Aug. 15, 16, 18 from 1-3 $100.
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