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I love to create and decorate. We now have a store front that exhibits paintings, assemblages, photography, jewelry, pottery and other unique gift items. I'm a mural artist which also extends to painting on anything else. And the tile idea, I have to give credit to my friend Emelio, who I have painted many tiles for.... I also teach art to kids. Kids are good for your art. They free you up!

Sunday, December 01, 2013

For Now

For Now

Being in the present moment
Not wondering about the future
Reviewing the past
being here now.

Friday, August 30, 2013

On the Easel....

The collaboration is not finished, but I needed to work something out of my system and not on that particular canvas... sooo, here I am taking a round canvas with one intention.. originally a mosaic.. and finding myself painting on it for another reason.
Feeling super sensitive lately and needing to deal with my emotions in a peaceful way.. I take to the canvas.
It started out pretty abstract, thinking I would focus on the elements.. wood, metal, earth, stone, water... notice no fire.. 
I painted for a while.. the stone, the decaying wood, barren landscape.. some metal bars and not sure what is there in the middle :-)... It felt so desolate, the decaying wood, the stone, maybe a barren planet.. I played with these round balls, beads.. connecting them.. feeling a need to be connected.. trying to connect to the "whys".. 
I played with the orbs.. creating a pearl.. purity.. emotions.. truth.. and added the shell, the misplaced shell.. the separation from it's home..  Pearl in the sky.. the sea of skies.. Can we drop you in this pool and watch the ripples?
All actions create a ripple..many ripples we do not know of.. extending outwards to unknown places.. we are so unaware..
And then we remember that all things change.. it never stays the same and we must move with grace through these changes.. move beyond all that we see as "wrong", "bad", unjust... and find the center of peace within. 
Butterfly goes through some very deep and magical changes.. we gain hope...Find that pearl deep inside and know, we are all children of the Universe.. we have our gifts that no one can take from us.. no one can take that which is deep inside each of us.. our truth, our faith, our love.
Hold on to that deep inner truth and know all will be resolved in time.
Namaste' Butterflies

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Art reflects Life

 I had wanted to paint a bridge, a rainbow bridge moving off into the distance, but instead it ended up as a wooden bridge with some "fire guardians" on to the side.  Due to the circumstances of life this past week, I guess burning bridges was on my mind.  Ironically, an astrological aspect had come into my email with a quote about "not burning any bridges" after I had painted this. This made me question that process...
We want to release the pain so badly, that we are too eager to burn those bridges.. and maybe at times, that is exactly what we should do.  We cannot go back and must move forward and learn what we need to from the experience so we don't repeat it.. Release and let go.. Maybe the best way to do that is to burn it away..Pick up the Torch.. Use that light to carry us forward, to transformation.
We have choices in life. One of the greatest choices we make is choosing how we think about things. We can see our self as separate .. apart.. or a part of something much bigger.  Separation is what seems to cause the pain.. resistance, judgement, criticism.. gathering our pain and throwing it back out into the world.. WE  don't want it .. here YOU take it!.. and we just pass it around like a game of hot potato.
How do we disengage from this?
How do we reconnect and go back to that awareness of Oneness. Honoring all of life. How do we get back to living in Grace.. to be in spirit.. inspired.. Ride the Great In-Breath of God...
How do we ascend?
Through knowledge, knowing, experiencing, feeling, loving... doing what we love and being in that "moment" of Being.  This is where we find our bliss, in those blessed moments of love that removes all other distraction.
We need to release the burdens, ask forgiveness.. begin again.
Replenish ourselves with the Holy, the Sacred.. the Inner Stillness.. The Divine Self that is at One with All That Is.. yes. here is where we all want to move towards.. peace. love.
Ah, what a painting can teach us..

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Art as a Channel

I had an art student on Saturday and while she was focusing on her painting, I worked a little bit on this one.  She liked the flower pots I did in the upper left corner and added plants to her work as well. It's a wonderful thing to be inspired by each other.
After she left, I worked with more focus and of course that is when the painting began to speak, to reveal and bring insight.
I began to see a story develop, a message brought to light.. what needs to be brought to attention in my own life?  What needs to be birthed? Transformed?
What am I willing to stick my neck out for?
I have to say there may have been more pondering than painting :-)
What I love is the anticipation of where it will go next...
Namaste' fellow travelers.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

And the painting speaks...

After the background I painted, John started it off while I was working at camp.
He began with a grid, then added a branch and faces, very much like his works on paper, but now with a brush.
Saturday was rich for painting and I saw the theme of "connection" developing.  Branches moving into vines and hair, tangling and intertwining , morphing into a garden.  Yes, The Garden of Eden.
Snakes, watchful eyes.. I look for symbolism.
Stepping back, an archer's bow revealed itself.. what was it aiming at?
An apple of course.. the apple of love.  What it wants is to break it open.. who holds the apple?
(We both know who.)
Who is the shooter? Me.
I am aiming but looking away.  I have the lotus growing from my head, my muddy thoughts, wishing for clarity, spirituality.. so I adorn myself with pearls, blue pearls, a personal significance.
Ananda, from the Blue Pearl, years ago, is responsible for my introduction to Abraham before he was so popular, bringing me deeper onto that spiritual path.
I wanted to bring things upward and moved there by painting some leaves.
Starting from the girl behind the tree who has a guilty look about her.. maybe she is Eve, hiding in the garden. She wants to transmute all those worried thoughts,  shed that which no longer serves her.. she want to transform into a being of beauty and lightness.  She has dreams of ascending, shedding her skin, leaving behind her cocoon, but she is too rooted..
She wants what we all want, to shed our skin, leave behind our cocoons and become that which we are intended to be.. Beings of Light.

John: "This piece is about the theology of hope. Some say love is the answer and I would have to say, attentiveness and awareness of others. It's about caring - how much we care for our brothers."
I ask the question, "How aware are we?"

Art brings awareness, insight, and with a collaboration like this, it opens up a dialogue for both of us into a deeper, meaningful relationship of our shared love.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the easel - a collaboration

I had an idea.
I thought it would be fun to do a project together.
John and I have worked on a piece together a few times, 
he would start it and I would finish it.
This would be different.
It's not paper and marker.
We would go back and forth with it and adding what we desired.
We both picked out a canvas, 24 x 30.. inches.
Yesterday I unwrapped it and decided I would start by putting on some background color.
Instead of painting my usual blues, I asked John what he would like as a background and  he suggested the color of the walls.. in the gallery room which is yellow or the studio room which is pink.
I chose both plus white.

We both liked the results and I just sat and stared at it, 
coming up with images, (volcanoes, spirits, fish..) 
and feelings of where it might go from here.
I felt it had an ethereal feel.. 
"Genesis" said John.
More ideas flew through my head.
I thought of attachment, both emotional and physical.
On the ride home we discussed it as if it were a marriage. 
My work, his work coming together as one creation.
I have excitement and anticipation for this new creation 
and what we will give birth to.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Inside Out Opening Reception at Room to Create

Creating art is always an inside experience.
What I propose is to share what is inside each of us and bring it out into the world.
Our message to our self from the process of creating may be something that will be important for someone else as well.
We do not always know how we touch someone else by our "being" in this world.  Sometimes it is just a simple kindness that is a gift for someone else.
We do not always know how our art effects another person, so I see Room to Create as a vehicle for your creative expression.
Room to Create showcases local artists and we would love for you to come and enjoy these beautiful expressions of our inner selves, our joys, our pondering, our truth.
Maybe it will inspire you to create something for yourself.
Room to Create offers studio time for just that.
On this 4th of July, I am grateful for the opportunity and freedom to create.. 
to express ourselves in all our glory!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Alchemy of Art

What brings you to your deeper Self?
What transports you out of the daily busyness of Life 
into your deeper Soul purpose?
What takes you there.. What transforms you.. 
What causes you to see the magic in life?
A paintbrush, 
Knitting needles,
Hammer and nails,
Needle and thread,
Pen and paper,
A Poem....
Go there.
Let the alchemy of Art, 
Creativity bring transformation into your life.
When you feel that magic
Share it.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Earth Prayers: June 8 at Room to Create

It gets pretty disheartening when we see the injustices in life around us.. sometimes they are too far and out of sight.. and other times they are at our front door.
We can complain.
We can do something about them.
It feels at times that it is too much for us and we become overwhelmed by it.. How can I, one person make a difference.  But it is exactly that.. each of us, one by one, making a small difference that adds up to a greater difference.
One small thing.
Each day.
Maybe it is a physical thing you do. Pick up a piece of garbage on the sidewalk instead of passing it by.
Maybe it is mental.. a change in attitude.. a perception that changes, so that we can change how we see what others may be seeing.. less judgemental.  
How can we judge what another is going through? How can we be more compassionate?
It is through creating art that helps me change.. how I change my vision, my perception, of why I am here on this planet. It is through art that I am working on being more whole, more divinely connected, more community minded.
Our next opening, Sat. June 8, will be on the theme of how art heals ourselves and the planet.
As we become more balanced, more whole, we help to bring this wholeness into the world we live in, even if  just our own neighborhood. 
When we connect to the divine within us, and come to realize that we are all in this together, we can live a more sharing and compassion life.  Help each other more and be kind to each other. 
Smile first. See the response.
Art brings healing.  When I heal, I can then help in the healing process of another.
When my well is replenished, I can help another drink of the well.
Art has been my resource to connect.. to myself, to others.  It is my way of bringing about change, bringing beauty into the world and exploring a healthy way of self-expression.
I would like to share this with you.
Today, do one thing differently.
Smile first.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

New additions at Room to Create

We are now carrying Wishflower Studio's very cute and whimsical artwork. Libby is a mosaic artist that I was first introduced to at a client's home. I saw a frying pan with mosaic bacon and eggs and thought it was a most unique idea.
Her mosaics can be seen at Lyndhurst craft fair in May. In the gallery, we are carrying her new fairyfly pendants  and collaged pieces.. very cute..
Come stop by the gallery.

Monday, April 15, 2013

For the Birds: Art Opening at Room to Create

Our new Opening coming Saturday, the 20th with a theme of Birds.  
We have birdhouses and assemblages involving birds.  Spirit bowls with feathers.
Paintings. New Illustrations and pastels.
New photographs.
New Jewelry
Share in the delight!
It will be a fun day with a guest musician and refreshments

wondering how this will work...  Tried advertising on Rye Patch

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Preschool Art and Photo Exhibit

While working with the preschoolers, there are always those little glimpses into potential artists.  I know all kids are pretty creative, but there are those who go past into the exceptional.  Some of it is attitude, an opening to experimentation, game to try new things... and then there is the one who "knows" what they want to do, how to do it.. They have this plan.. 
I have fun working with this age.  I can always expect some surprises and happily many are captured with the camera.  The art show, which I think is it's 7th or possibly 8th year will be in April for the week of the young child.  Reception is April 14th from 1-3 at the town house in Harrison.  It will be up for the month of April and possibly a week or two in May. 
I take the photographs while teaching and although some times it is a juggle.. it is all worth it.
The kids are great fun and delighted to be doing this.. so if you're in the area, stop by.  
Bet it will make you smile :-)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Visions of Love ~ Take Two

Our original date of this opening was postponed due to a blizzard, 
so here we go.. take 2.
We have some new photography, digitally enhanced and traditional.
The store looks wonderful, full of color and warmth.
John and I enjoy being there, creating our art and 
welcoming others into the store.
We are so blessed.
Stop by, browse and chat, enjoy a cup of tea and cookies.  We have some very unique gifts, handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry and pottery, handmade greeting cards, new paper craft art, large yoga bags that fit more than your mat, dream bottles for your intentions, and of course framed art and prints.
Gearing up for spring with some handcrafted and very cute bunnies and jean bags with great inside pockets!
Hope to see you on March 2 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

I did it !

Blogging has been put on the back burner for a while and especially this one.. I had ideas about it, but it became stagnant and hard juggling all the blogs.  But this calls for a return to blog and especially this one.
In October we opened up a gallery space in town at 245 Harrison Ave. It used to be Cancro Construction.. awning is still there.  Hoping at some point to change that or maybe get the landlord to help with this.
The sign in the window is clear enough for someone to find  us though.
I'm happy.
John's happy.
It's a great space and I love the feedback I get when people walk in for the first time.  It's warm and cozy.. welcoming.  The space in the back is large enough to create in and have a small class.
Next on the list is to get some chairs.. comfy chairs as well as folding ones.
It has been a pretty wild year with lots of ups and downs and lots to learn from.  One major lesson: don't give up on your dreams.  They do come true.