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I love to create and decorate. We now have a store front that exhibits paintings, assemblages, photography, jewelry, pottery and other unique gift items. I'm a mural artist which also extends to painting on anything else. And the tile idea, I have to give credit to my friend Emelio, who I have painted many tiles for.... I also teach art to kids. Kids are good for your art. They free you up!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Alchemy of Art

What brings you to your deeper Self?
What transports you out of the daily busyness of Life 
into your deeper Soul purpose?
What takes you there.. What transforms you.. 
What causes you to see the magic in life?
A paintbrush, 
Knitting needles,
Hammer and nails,
Needle and thread,
Pen and paper,
A Poem....
Go there.
Let the alchemy of Art, 
Creativity bring transformation into your life.
When you feel that magic
Share it.